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I'm Jade, digital product creator who is here to help you jumpstart your creative journey!

The Ultimate Digital Planner Course Is Here!

After getting countless questions asking me how I create my digital products I realized that it was finally time for me to put all of my secrets together in one place. If you're interested in creating digital planners and want to learn the step by step process from someone with over 25,000 sales, then this is the course for you!

Why Digital Planning?

  • No coding or programming required
  • No prior design experience needed
  • All you need to start is an apple computer
  • No need for shipping physical products
  • Can be done from anywhere in the world
  • Build once, then sell as many as you can

What will the course cover?

Are you ready to make your mark?

There has never been a better time to leverage the power of the internet and share your creations with the world!


(Enrollment closing June 5th)

  • Pre-made planner Cover Template
  • Pre-made planner rings in 3 colors
  • Instant access to the digital planner video course
  • Product Showcase Device Images in Light and Dark Themes


Sold Out

  • Pre-made planner rings in 3 colors
  • Pre-made planner Cover Template
  • Instant access to the digital planner video course
  • 1 full year of direct coaching and support from Jade

About me

After growing up in a small town I couldn't wait to move out to go to university. Once I had graduated with a degree in business I quickly started my first real job working for a large retail corperation. While I learned a lot from that job, it quickly became obvious that I wasn't well suited for the stuffy office environment.

I started researching alternative career oppertunities and eventually found the digital planner community. I fell in love with digital planners and after trying a few of them, I took a leap of faith and decided that It would be really fun to create my own!

After a lot of hard work and patience, I completed my first digital planner that was ready to be sold! Over the following year or so I learned so many valuable skills and lessons that enabled me to continually improve my products and make over $290k in sales in the last year alone!

I know what it's like to wish successful people would spill all of their secrets. So I created this step by step video course to teach people the exact planner building process I used to reach six-figure income!

- jade

Frequently asked questions

Q. When does the course start?

After your purchase, you will have immediate access to the course! Also there is no time limit to your course access, so you can learn at whatever pace works for you.

Q. What if I miss the course enrollment window?

Due to high demand, the course is only offered for a limited time. However, if enrollment ends before you have signed up, you can join the waitlist.

Q. What do I need to take the course?

The only thing needed for this course is access to an apple computer with the free 'keynote' program installed. You do not need an iPad, or any design experience.

Q. Will I get 1 on 1 support from Jade?

The 'Platinum' course package includes 1 year of direct coaching and support from Jade. The 'Gold' version does not.

Q. Should I expect to make a lot of money right away?

No. This course is not meant for people who want to 'get rich quick'. Becoming a digital product creator takes hard work and perseverance. When it comes to selling digital products, your personal results will depend on the quality of your work, and the quality of your product advertising, among other things.

Q. Does this course teach me how to advertise and sell my work?

No. This course is specifically focused on project planning, designing, and building digital planners and stickers. This course does not include any financial, tax, or legal advice.

Q. Can I share the course content with others?

This course is for personal use only. By purchasing the course you agree that you will be the only one taking it.

Q. Do you offer refunds?

Due to the instant access nature of downloadable digital products, we do not offer returns. However, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact us at: