Hey, I'm Jade!

I’m a digital creator, entrepreneur and planner lover! I make digital planners and productivity tools to help women get organized, reach their goals and live an intentional life they love!

Planning and organizing isn’t just about making things look aesthetically pleasing (yes, that’s important too!) but it’s about building routines and habits that enable you to make consistent progress towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Planners collective focuses on getting things done without burnout. Having systems and tools in place to reach your goals all while focusing on self-compassionate productivity.

Intentional planning has helped me stay organized and has kept me focused on the things that are most important to me, and I know it can do the same for you!

Things I believe in . . .

Leveraging digital planners to help clear your mind, keep you on track and get sh*t done!

Having sustainable habits and routines to help create a productivity system that works for YOU

Working towards goals with self compassionate productivity

Doing nothing! Yes, exactly how it sounds. Taking time to watch a movie, go for a walk and just clear your mind

Create your own peacefully productive life


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide tools to help you design your days and create sustainable habits to achieve your goals. All while making that switch from paper to digital easy with the all in one customizable planner!

The Planner

Meet your new best friend and all in one productivity tool! These planners are designed to cover all aspects of your life in one place that can easily be taken on the go. Each planner was created with the intention of having a space to help you create systems, routines and habits to reach your goals all while living a balanced life.

Easily edit and customize your planner to fit your individual needs. And the best part? No more whiteout. (need I say more!) Each planner includes sections for goal setting, habit tracking, health, fitness, finances, projects and more! Check out the custom planner and build your perfect planner in under 2 minutes!